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Virtual Reality Escape Games


2-4 players

45 min

From €10 per person

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For the first time, you can share with your friends the most exciting Virtual Reality escape experience!

Space Station Tiberia: Travel to the Tiberia Space Station, where almost in zero gravity and with stunning panoramic view, you have to save the earth from an upcoming disaster! The faith of humanity is in your hands! Are you ready?

Depths of Osiris: Welcome to deep-sea platform Oceanus 5. The lost Temple of Osiris has just been found underwater and you are a team of experienced archaeologists. Now you have to gain access to the Temple and retrieve the rumored artifact inside. You have limited oxygen. Will you make it?

Hospital of Horror - Bonus Game! Do you want to play another Virtual Reality game Back2Back? You can play Hospital of Horror, a bonus game that lasts 15 minutes! Ask us for details. Find the escape from the extremely scary Hospital of Horror! 15 minutes of high adrenaline. Will you make it to the exit?

*Only people over 10 years old can participate in the Virtual Reality Games.

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From €0 Per person

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