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Patient 67


2-7 players

70 min

From €11 per person

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Patient 67 - Image 106

A place with multiple scenes, a catching scenary and a surprise performing!

Ashfield Correctional Center is a high security facility that houses patients suffering from severe mental illnesses. Ashfield, a mysterious, detached world, is isolated on a small island. Your team is investigating the disappearance of a patient, and you've arrived in Ashfield to do so. The prison world, on the other hand, turns out to be far darker than you anticipated. What really happens behind impenetrable walls? How do patients, doctors and guardians participate in the disappearance? What's the role of the prison exactly and what's going on there?

A live thriller disguised as an escape game. The shifting of scenes, roles, and atmospheres will lead you to a dark mind game that will make you question yourself.

Remember, "The biggest escape room is the mind itself."

For people over 15 years old.

For bookings out of the timetable you can call us on +302310476004

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Patient 67


2-7 players

70 min

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